Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A nod to Salmon Poetry

I'm very happy. Today's mail brought my copy of Todd Swift's new poetry collection, Seaway. I've been looking forward to it for months, and can't wait to curl up with it this evening.

But what made me really happy was the discovery that its publisher, Salmon Poetry, sent it in re-used packaging. The padded envelope started its journey in Paris, France, likely carrying the manuscript of a hopeful poet. That brought the envelope to Ireland, and now the publisher sent it on to me, in Canada.

Publishers and booksellers get tons of envelopes and packages every year, and I'm always happy to see it being re-used. It's one of the reasons why I like Canadian booksellers McNally Robinson for online orders. I'm pleased that Salmon Poetry can be added to my list.

And best of all, the package contained poetry!


Jessie Lendennie said...

Well, Thank You, Craig! I've been described as "neurotic" for being so keen on reusing envelopes. Such a waste to throw them away if they're useable at all! Even if they're torn, etc, they can be used for packaging in boxes.
So glad you're enjoying Todd's book; we had a really terrific launch at Oxfam Books in London, a couple of weeks ago.
Best Wishes to You in Lovely Toronto!
Jessie of Salmon Poetry

Craig Saunders said...

Yes, I'm sorry that I couldn't be in London for the launch. Hope to be back for a visit soon.

In the meantime, you've given me one more reason to become a fan of Salmon. Seaway is only the third book of yours that I've read. But Ancestor Worship (Michael Begnal) thrilled me, so I'm likely to order more poetry from you in the future.