Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I do apologize for not having posted in a very long time. Quite frankly, work has been busy and I haven't had time for many projects, much less photographing them and writing them up. Must get back to that.

In the meantime, here in Ontario we're having a provincial election. Just as in the U.S., elections mean attack ads. Ours used to be tamer, but they're really getting unpleasant. Unfortunately, as much as people say they're turned off by attack ads, the darn things do seem to work.

But what else can work? Can clever, innovative adds sway people's opinions? Whether it's the environment or provincial politics, I do think that clever can work. Not sure I've seen an ad yet this election that clearly hits the target, but here are two that I at least enjoyed watching.

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Dani said...

Great ad. I live in the US and you are right, it seems no one is interested in the actual issues of the campaign but how one opponent can discredit the other. It's like kids in a playground - he did it so I can do it to. Focus on the issues, on intelligence and win people over with the positive of what you can do.

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